“The audition scene had no words… They added lines for me in the reshoots! The lessons I got from Lilach were instrumental in me booking the role. All of it was incredible!”

~ Sharon Blynn (Captain Marvel, Spider-man: Far From Home, The Detour)

“Working with Lilach completely changed my approach to auditioning… After coaching with her, I booked a role where the casting director’s exact words were, “why have I not seen you before?!” that was an awesome feeling! I’ve booked with her help many times since.”

~ Tarina Pouncy (You, Veronica Mars, Mom, This Is Us, Queen Sugar, Goliath)

“My booking and call back rates have skyrocketed since I started working with Lilach. Thank you so much!” 

~ Jesse Wang (The Laundromat, Superstore, 5th of July, Medical Police)

“I love working with Lilach. She is a kick-ass coach and always gives it to me straight. I know she won’t let me get away with anything less than my best work. Also, when you tape with her she will make sure you look good! No weird distracting hair strands. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team.”

~ Annika Noelle (The Bold & The Beautiful, True To The Game, Chasing Life)

“Lilach catches nuances that most people miss. I love that she breaks down the scene in a way that makes sense with plenty of room to play. She speaks the language that’s easy to understand and provides a safe environment where I don’t feel judged; she’s my safety net. Now I am more calm and present at auditions because she has given me a way of doing things – especially how to begin and end each audition. Lilach is sincere, passionate and generous with her knowledge, that’s why I keep going back to her.”

~ Peggy Lu (Venom, NCIS LA, Transparent, Rizzoli & Isles, Survivor’s Remorse

“Lilach is simply THE BEST there is at breaking down a scene to help actors develop solid choices to give powerful auditions and book work!”

~ Jason C. Daniels (Me, Myself & I, Taped Up)

Lilach is an amazing and inspiring acting coach. Not only has she helped me book, but she also helps me learn more about the acting world in general and feel very safe in the process. She helps me get bookings and callbacks, and I’m so grateful.

~ Jessica Pressley (PEN15, Alexa & Katie, Teachers)

“Lilach is an excellent audition coach.  She took her time with me and helped me break my scenes down in detail.  She was fully invested in wanting me to succeed and helped me to deliver a top notch audition that I felt good about.  I highly recommend Lilach for your audition coaching needs.”  

~ Becki Dennis (Jane the Virgin, GLOW, Speechless, This Is Us, Pretty Little Liars)

“Lilach and I worked on several episodes after I booked a recurring role on SWAT. She was excellent at helping me break down and apply the notes I was receiving on set. She helped me to make strong choices and really identify my characters voice from week one.”

~ Nikiva Dion (S.W.A.T., The Kominsky Method, Insecure)

“I have hired Lilach numerous times for taped and live auditions and I have booked!  Her coaching is smart, specific, and quick. Thank you, Lilach!”

~ Dale Waddington (Jane The Virgin, Lethal Weapon, The Mick)

“The first time I coached with Lilach I booked my very first guest star role! Since working with her I have turned my guest star into a recurring role, been pinned and placed on avail for multiple major projects. She has really helped me understand the story the writers are telling in order to craft an authentic and powerful audition. She’s also straightforward and doesn’t let me get away with anything less than full effort. Also as a bi-coastal actor, I love that she does Skype coaching so I’m able to work with her no matter where I am. Lilach is easily the best coach I’ve ever had!”

~ Zsané Jhé (Good Trouble, Watchmen, Black Lightning)

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you, because I was just cast in two leading roles in feature films, one shooting in LA and one shooting this fall in New Mexico! Thank you!”

~ Samantha Jean (Beyond Skyline, Interface, Pacific Rim, Beneath the Black Veil)

“When it comes to preparing an audition to wow casting directors, there’s no better coach than Lilach Mendelovich! She’s like a script doctor — she knows exactly how to dissect a script to give you the best possible chance in the room. She helped me crack my audition for a hit HBO show and I ended up booking a recurring role that may be extending to the rest of the season! I would recommend Lilach as a coach, any time.”

~ Nandini Bapat (Silicon Valley, Scream Queens, Huge in France)

“Since studying with Lilach I have booked many casting offices, booked a feature film role, and I just shot my first guest star role for a CBS show.  Lilach coached and taped my self-tape to send to a Southeast casting director and I booked it.  
I’m so happy I met this amazing woman.  I highly recommend her.”

~ Jan Haley Soule (The Inspectors, The Best People, Pappy Hour)

“Lilach is always prepared and knows the material insides and out to help me get the most from my time without feeling rushed. I especially love being coaching for comedy auditions – Lilach just gets it! She has helped me become way more confident when auditioning because I always feel prepared when I’m coached by her. She’s really awesome at helping you come up with cool unique ways of differentiating your auditions from what other actors may do. Its been a blessing having Lilach as an Acting Coach.”

~ Phire Whitaker (Jane The Virgin, Dollface, Prowess, Illville, The Aftermath)

“Lilach was so great when I coached and taped with her. She kept working with me till I was able to nail it. And it worked – casting liked my tape so much that, not only did they call me back, but they didn’t even have any notes for me! Lilach is an expert at breaking down the scene and figuring out what casting wants to see. Never felt better prepared in my life!”

~ Veronica Wylie (Young Again, The Conway Curve)