Do you feel totally confident on every audition?


Would you like to?

My name is Lilach and I can help!

Actors who coach with me say they feel prepared, confident, and strong in their auditions. And we all know a strong confident actor is a happy actor.

Plus, I’m not just an audition coach – I’m an actor myself!  So I understand exactly what you go through, and what you need in order to craft powerful auditions. I have either performed or coached every type of audition (with every type of challenge) under the sun. I know how to turn those tricky sides into an effective, memorable performances that will help you book the job.

♦ A coach that has your back ♦

When we work together, not only do you invest in your success, you get a coach who is invested in you. I’m not only here to help you with this audition, but to foster your growth as an actor, and guide you to the next level of success. So if you need advice on anything from wardrobe to how to keep in touch with CDs – I’m here for you.

Ever worked with a coach who asked you to blindly follow directions?  That’s not my style. I work with you to craft a powerful audition that is unique to you.  You will walk into the casting office prepared, AND have the confidence to own the room.

Whatever your unique challenges are – we’ll work through them together so that your auditions are strong and consistent.

♦ Affordable, flexible, reliable. 

I started out as an actor and I was getting very frustrated with the level of coaching that was available to me. Getting charged over $100 an hour to have someone who has never read the scene before I walked in the room and the clock is ticking. Or finally finding a coach I liked, but it would be difficult to get a hold of them for last-minute auditions.

So when I started my coaching business I wanted to be the solution to all these problems.

Affordable – My rates are actor friendly, almost half the price of most audition coaches.

Flexible – Got a last minute audition? No worries! I’m committed to be there for you from 7AM till 2AM Sunday through Friday. And if distance is an issue, Skype coaching to the rescue!

Reliable – I prepare for your session in advance, always ready to hit the ground running and provide tested solutions for your trickiest audition challenges. Plus, I’m a straight shooter. My clients KNOW they end up with their best possible performance because I never let them get away with anything less.


Bonus: In-house Taping available

Need to put yourself on tape? We’ve got you covered. My in home studio is designed with self taping in mind. You get to tape and coach in one place – which means you will get the best possible take and save time and money in the process!

Click here for info & pricing.

Alright, sign me up!

It’s really easy to get started. Just click the button below to schedule your first session! Fill out the form and I will email you back with a confirmation (recommendations on length of session depending on the size of the audition are at the bottom of the scheduling page). Then safely buy your session through PayPal on our Booking Page.  

Once you choose your session you will be taken to the payment page and a confirmation requesting the sides will be sent to you. Email the sides and breakdown as soon as possible so I can have time to prepare for your session and we can hit the ground running.

Then the fun part begins – we’ll get you fully prepared, confident, and ready to rock your audition!
Act now! Don’t wait for more missed opportunities and botched auditions. Get the audition guidance you need TODAY.