FTF Level 2 – Week 6

Women read for CHLOE. Men read for V.

Please make sure to read and break down both scenes even if you are not performing one.

[CHLOE] 30s, Lana’s sister in-law and best friend, she is a hard-working interior designer who lives life at double speed and according to her countless Pinterest boards. She knows what she wants how she wants it and has no shame about asking for endless substitutions in any restaurant…basically the kind of stuff that makes Sebastian very uncomfortable. With a closet full of athletic trophies and academic awards, she is now happily married, self-employed, and the ultimate “snowplow parent” for her young son whom she and husband absolutely adore…probably to the point of obsession…

[V] Ted’s boss who is all about the company. Success is all that matters. Doesn’t see people just profits.