Find The Funny – Week 4

Men read for CHIP, Women read for LESLIE.


[Chip Curry] Amiable and obsessive, with a childlike enthusiasm, Chip has recently become overwhelmed by the pressures of life. Work is stressful, he just lost a good friend, and the biggest news is that his wife has just announced they’re expecting. Looking for guidance, Chip, a lapsed Catholic, turns to the Bible. He decides that by following every rule, he’ll finally find the direction and happiness he wants. He gets an early sign that he’s on the right path when his boss awards him a weekly column documenting his experiences. His wife Leslie has her doubts, but once Chip commits, he commits…SERIES REGULAR.

[Leslie] Sarcastic, smart and cool, Leslie is Chip’s wife – a job that requires an extreme amount of patience. Leslie loves Chip to death but knows all too well that his obsessions can get the best of him. Both amazed and entertained by his newfound passion for living by the Bible, Leslie agrees to accept his goal if it means that he’ll be working towards being an amazing father for their unborn baby…SERIES REGULAR.