Find The Funny – Week 3

Men read for JUSTIN, Women read for KATIE. Scene 1 only.


STORY LINE:  KATIE WENDELMAN, a frustrated segment producer at a cable news show, finds her life turned upside down when her mom, CAROL, lands a job at her office as the new intern…

[JUSTIN] He is a schlubby editor and Katie’s closest friend at work, honest and resigned, with no personal dreams because dreams only make people miserable… (RECURRING)

[KATIE] 30, a young professional living in a tiny West Village apartment, Katie is a segment producer on a news show who feels frustrated in her career.  Sick of being assigned the fluff pieces, Katie dreams of producing a lead, hard-core news story.  Wrestling with the notion that maybe she’s not as great as her mother led her to believe, Katie is given quite a jolt when her 60 year-old mom decides to rejoin the workforce, starting as an intern in the very newsroom where Katie works…SERIES REGULAR