Find The Funny at AMAW

Auditioning for comedy is a combination of art and science. How do you nail the tone, rhythm, jokes, and buttons, and all the while make it effortless AND fun in an audition

 Lilach’s years of experience as a private and on-set comedy coach led her to create Find The Funny. This intensive teaches how to bring your own brand of funny WHILE delivering the necessary rhythms and comedic beats required to book the job. Not only will you master the fundamental elements of comedy, you will become a comedy audition pro with this proven step-by-step process over the course of 6 weeks.


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Many students have gone on to book everything from co-stars to series regular roles on major sitcoms! In fact, Mieko Hillman went from struggling with comedy to booking a series regular on a sitcom less than a year after taking this class! Her show just got picked up for a 3rd season.


What can I expect from this class?

  • A step-by-step process to improve, fine-tune, nail, and BOOK your comedy auditions
  • A deep understanding of how to break down a comedic script to ensure you are hitting all the necessary beats and jokes
  • A thorough mastery of comedic elements and tools a comedy writer uses to indicate the desired delivery
  • Real-world practice of auditions to be well-oiled when a big opportunity arises
  • A playground to identify your own brand of comedy
  • Weekly personal attention to hone your skills and make your auditions pop from the crowd 
  • Specific identification of what works in your self-tapes and how to improve what doesn’t
  • Multiple industry discussions and real-world advice when it comes to casting and what producers are watching for
  • A proven approach to comedy that will serve you for the rest of your career

If you’d like more information, you can check out this short video from me below:



Class size is limited to 10 so that you’ll get all the personal attention you need to thrive.


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