Work with Lilach


Step 1: Enter your information to schedule a session.



Step 2: Get your payment out of the way.


30 Minute Session – $50



1 Hour Session – $100



15 Minutes (Add-on only)  – $25



General Policies

  • Once your session is confirmed email sides and breakdowns to the email provided.
  • Print and bring your own sides.
  • Requests to extend the session are up to the coach’s schedule and discretion.
    • Extensions can be purchased in 15min blocks (15 min, 30 min, 45 min, etc.)
    • The additional charge will be due at the end of the session.
    • Credit cards and cash accepted.

Late Policy

  • Please notify Lilach if you run into traffic or parking issues before your session’s start time.
  • Lack of notification will result in the clock starting when the appointment was scheduled to start, not when you get there.


  • Book a 30 min session for:
    • Coaching for a smaller role
    • Coaching for a large role under 4 pages
    • Coaching and Taping for anything under 2 pages
  • Book a 60 min session for:
    • Multiple long scenes
    • Coaching for multiple roles.
    • Coaching AND taping over 4 pages.
  • Be Prepared to go over an hour for:
    • Coaching for multiple large-sized roles.
    • Coaching AND taping for a large role over 8 pages.

Want to save yourself time and money? Do as much of the script analysis as you can prior to the session. That way we can hit the ground running.